What Is A Beer Fob System And How Does It Work?

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October 16, 2018
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A Double Beer Fob System is a type of automated drink vending machine. You may have seen one at your local bar and wondered what they did. Beer fob systems are used primarily for pubs, bars, stadiums, and gyms where it is not feasible or desirable to staff a large number of employees with the necessary know-how and physical capabilities to serve drinks from behind the bar.

Beer Fob Systems are also highly efficient at serving alcoholic drinks, which is something you may not find with traditional bartending jobs or if your bar doesn’t have access to large supplies of beer. These machines are specifically designed to store and dispense beer at the optimum temperature, which is around 5º C. This means your beer will always be served at its best and most refreshing temperature, as well as preventing waste.

Beer Fob Systems are also more discreet in operation than bartenders and are a lot less likely to be robbed than a traditional cash register. This, coupled with their efficiency and reliability makes them ideal for venues such as businesses or gyms where staff may not be able to concentrate on making drinks at all times. In fact, one of the primary reasons for using these systems is that they can alleviate any safety concerns you may have about your staff working behind the bar without any supervision.

Beer Fob System Control Panel.

A beer fob system consists of a series of fobs and keypads, designed to store drink orders until they can be fulfilled by an attendant. The keypad is the control panel for a Double Beer Fob system. This allows users to input their drink orders and a separate attendant, otherwise known as the server, then serves the drinks. Very little training is needed in order to operate this type of machine and setups are simple and reliable for your business or leisure activities. The following is a list of all the advantages beer fob systems can offer your business or leisure activities.

  • Beer Fob Systems are often used by bars that don’t have enough staff to get drinks served behind the bar easily. This type of automated drink vending machine is efficient and can be very reliable in delivering drinks to your customers with no downtime in between orders.
  • Each fob has a unique code, which can be scanned by an attendant after they have taken an order from a customer. The attendant then uses the fob to input the drink order into the machine, from where it proceeds to the storeroom (which may also house additional machines) for distribution.
  • The fob comes back to the server who in turn scans the fob for authenticity on completion of the order. The fob is then returned to the customer by the server, who also has to input a receipt number into the system.
  • Every time a drink is ordered through a double beer fob system, it is recorded as an individual purchase and can be accessed at any time by printing out a receipt.
  • This helps to keep records and prevent fraud as each drink order can be easily tracked.

Double Beer Fob Systems can also be used for selling wine and spirits, although this is not recommended. Beer fob systems are designed to the only store and serve beer, which means the markup per bottle is higher than that of other beverages. This is because the costs involved in maintaining a double beer fob system are high, due to the nature of its storage units. In order to make large profits from using a double beer fob system, you will need to use it to dispense a large number of alcoholic drinks. As previously mentioned these machines are designed specifically for keeping the beer at the optimum temperature, so they cannot be used for storing any other type of drink without incurring additional costs in terms of maintenance and delivery. If you are serving a number of different types of drinks, you would be better off installing two or more double beer fob systems and distributing your alcoholic drinks in different areas of the bar. This will allow you to reduce your overall costs and make a higher profit on each drink sold.

How does a Double Beer Fob System work?

In a Double Beer Fob System, each fob has a unique code that is scanned by an attendant after an order has been taken. The fob and order are then entered into the system where they are stored until the order is ready to be served. When the server is ready to serve that drink, they simply scan in the fob and pick up the drinks from storage. The server then scans the fob again at the end of their shift, which updates and stores the drink order. These drink orders can then be accessed by printing out a receipt of each sale.

  • The storage units for double beer fob systems are usually either cash drawers or large freezers with shelves in them.
  • The beer is stored in these freezers at temperatures around 5ºC (although other brands suggest 7ºC or higher).
  • This means within 3 to 4 hours after an order has been taken, it can be served to a customer. This is faster than the average drink turnaround in pubs, where drinks are often only served after a few hours have passed and when the beer has been cooled down.

If you are looking for a more efficient way to service your customers, then you should consider investing in double beer fob systems for your business. These machines are a cost-effective alternative to employing a full-time bartender and will provide you with this additional service at minimal investment. If you are looking for more information about how these machines work, or if you would like to know what other services we can provide for you,

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