Why Double Beer Fob ?

  • Never Stop Pouring
  • Compact, easy to Use Width: 8.5 in/21.59 cm Height 11in/27.94cm
  • Switches Effortlessly
  • Most Comprehensive Fob On the Market
  • When operating on mixed/blended gas our Double Beer Fob line must have its own regulator to prevent slippage.
  • For the Double Beer Fob to function at 100% there cannot be any slips in pressure especially when using secondary regulators or split gas lines.
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Double Beer Fob - The Game has changed

Double Beer Fob

At Double Beer Fob™ we are dedicated to manufacturing the most comprehensive FOB at the most competitive price. With our newest product the “Double Beer Fob™”, we have developed and produced a fob that automatically switches between multiple kegs or a multiple series of kegs on a single line. Thus, saving you time from replenishing a keg during peak operational hours. We believe your FOB should do more and now it can! Never stop pouring again and take your dispense technology to the next level!.

Features of Our Product

Easy Installation
Easy to Use
High Quality
Reduce Beer Waste

Double Beer Fob & Your Staff

  • Keep your staff pouring all shift long

  • Saves time from replacing a keg during peak hours

  • Never have a down beer line during peak operational hours again

What makes our product the best

  • Uninterrupted pouring
  • State of the art Fob combined with next generation switching capability
  • Seamless Installation Into any Cooler Room Configuration
  • Easy To Clean